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This document from du contains our guidelines for the design, installation and commissioning of building infrastructure for supporting telecommunications services in the UAE. The document is to help building developers deliver high quality, future proof facilities that comply with our Fibre technology (FTTX) network standards. To ensure this compliance we require building developers to go through a ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) process, to submit for site inspections and to provide material samples for testing. Please contact us at noc.request@du.ae for details about the NOC process.

The guidelines in this document are based on international standards and our extensive experience in offering telecommunications services. We advise our clients to use qualified and certified professionals in all aspects of telecommunication infrastructure design, installation and commissioning.

It is recommended that you engage us at an early stage in any development so that process and design issues can be explained. We welcome questions from developers as it helps us offer you the right information.

It is important to note that if a building developer or tenant has special needs or enhanced requirements that may require modifications to these guidelines we must be consulted at the design stage. In exceptional cases we may need to increase the requirements specified in this document to be able to offer service.

This document covers the following building types:
• single villa and villa complexes
• residential towers and groups of residential towers
• commercial towers and groups of commercial towers
• shopping malls
• groups of shops and retail outlets
• hospitals, hotels and other bulk service applications
• warehouses and sheds

The document is structured to cover all aspects of infrastructure for:
• telecommunication spaces
• pathways
• electro-mechanical
• cables
• duct entry

All telecom spaces, pathways, ducts and cabling system specified in this document are for the exclusive use of du.

The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice due to continued progress in methodology, design, manufacturing and for the purpose of regulatory compliance.

There are separate documents that cover developing outside plant (OSP) for master plans. Please contact us on noc.request@du.ae if you require more information about these areas.


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Our NOC service desk is located in the ground floor of block 9 in DIAC

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